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About us

The aim of WW is to provide resouces to support businesses who operate or are looking to operate in international markets. The first resource is to provide a simple search facility to access a wider choice of professional advisor: we are not ourselves an international network. This is a free service and to be clear none of the firms listed in the search results have any link, formal or otherwise, to WW and have not necessarily requested to be listed on the site. We do not in any way represent, endorse or recommend the firms listed. In time, if there is a demand for this service, we aim to add a rating service based solely on client feedback for the firms listed so that choices of advisor can be better informed.

While we assume that the majority of users of the site will make their own choices as to which firms best fit their requirements and will contact those firms directly, we do offer a free service to assist in identifying the right firm and making initial contact if required. In time we will add a quote system that will allow users to put a requirement for professsional advice out to tender to selected firms on a confidential basis.  

One of the increasing challenges faced by UK businesses is finding appropriate professional representation in the countries they are looking to do business in. While there is much UK based support as touched on in the For UK Companies going overseas section, local knowledge is vital in the success of any overseas venture.

For many professional firms such as ours, we have an informal network of overseas contacts, but to be honest the international coverage is patchy at best. One of the alternatives is to work through an international network of an accountancy firm. The problem with some of these is that they can be UK/US centric and their international coverage can be limited. Where a network has only a few or even one representative in a country it is far from certain that they will be able to offer the services required: this could just be the geographical location within what could be a vast country, the lack of a particular industry or service specialism, or simply that the personal/professional relationship just does not work. Whilst the networks do have a variety of membership criteria to try to manage and control the quality of service and delivery, neither does it follow that simply because a successful relationship is established with one firm in a particular network that will be true of another firm within the same network.

The search facility is provided by Ward Williams Business Advisors Limited, a member of the Ward Williams Group. Ward Williams is a business services group providing accountancy, taxation, human resources, financial and insurance services to UK business including those set up by overseas companies looking to trade within the UK. From working with our clients we are aware of the importance and relevance of the international market to those businesses.